Sunday, May 25, 2008

Gas! Bulls#!t!

I'm in one corner with the gas prices. Dvorak's blog had this and it got me riled up. Both Apple Computer and Shell Oil are reporting about the same earnings increase for Q1. I really do wonder if it is China, India, and oil speculators that are driving the prices up. No, I don't wonder. I'm pretty sure it is. So -- why isn't the former First Lady hitting up Apple for their profits?! Why isn't she going after Toyota, Cisco or Google? They have all had record breaking profits. Why target the oil companies? Because, she is a socialist. She wants to tax those companies, but the public doesn't care right now. The public is angry, and rather then tell them that the system which the so conveniently place themselves in control of is broken, she'll try to make herself look like a hero. A Robin Hood. Sorry chicka, Robin Hood didn't have an ulterior motive. And frankly, none of his merry men drove a car.

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