Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Hate Confusion, Bathroom Crimes, and the Noble North.

This Is making the rounds on Facebook. I’ll make this short.

Perry Noble is either lying or he’s just repeating what his wife’s friends’ deacon buddy thought he heard on Louder with Crowder when he says SF Mayor Ed Lee called HB2 a hate crime. Here is the mayor’s official statement.

Noble says in his post: “... however, being told to go to the restroom that matches your biological gender is far from what people experienced in the Civil Rights movement, or even the Holocaust.” Thanks for being on, literally, the only side of this argument which keeps invoking the Holocaust. You’re one of those people making conservative Christians look like hateful kooks.

Ultimately Noble thinks he’s saying something novel or that he’s discovered some new nugget of understanding that hasn’t already been argued to death by both sides and center about HB2. I’m not going to tell anyone not to say their peace but I do wish people would stop trying to imagine cute little scenarios where they ‘wake up one day’ or ‘decide when they get to the gym’ that they want to say that they ‘feel like a woman’. Hey Perry... oops, I mean Taylor, you are actively marginalizing people with that kind of language, and don’t pretend you don’t know what that feels like, because the news is stuffed to exploding with christians who are ‘tired of their christian nation telling them where they can pray’.

Mr. Noble -- I think I’ll respectfully redact my earlier statement... Shut the hell up with the accusations of pedophilia and rape. “Reefer Madness” is bullshit, “Boys Beware” is demonetization, and ‘letting trannies into the women’s room is going to lead to your wife and child getting raped’ is stupid. If you were really worried about sexual assault you wouldn’t focus on a group of men, most of whom have been chemically castrated, without equal measure of concern for the boys who would be in danger in their toilet -- or are you already fighting to force catholic priests to use the teacher’s restroom?

Lastly, you hateful jerk, no one is being called hateful because of their support of lack thereof for HB2. Us, or them. People are being called hateful because NC passed this bill without the people’s vote, and because people keep calling trans* people ‘it’ or worse, and tacitly accusing them of being the worst type of people on the planet. Laws in the nature of HB2 were put to the vote in Texas -- and failed. There was not near as much push back or threats of the type we are seeing in NC. If you don’t think that’s really the reason, I invite you to strike up a conversation concerning state’s rights and the US civil war.

Everyone is tired of fighting battles where on one side of the red line stands god’s law and on the other man’s. This is a continuation of those battles. From either side the view seems to be simplistic and straightforward, but from both sides and every angle these ‘new civil rights’ battles are not being confronted in that manner. They’re being sensationalized and used as a cudgel to shout down and scare off anyone who dares to have a different opinion. And that is the kind of idiocy and behavior that everyone agrees is the kind of politics for which everyone keeps voting NO.

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