Friday, June 6, 2008

Paul McGuiness is a moron.

From Wired:
[U2 manager Paul McGuiness is] quoted as saying he does not want to see "artists reduced to the status of employees working for glorified ad agencies."

just a quick note from the peanut gallery here, if you want to see this guy taken apart, follow the links from the story.
If a music company -- A company who promotes, and sells a product (music) isn't an ad agency, then what is? McGuiness is a moron. You -- and I had better pay attention this election season, because this is the type of person who has his hands down the pants of out Presidential candidates. This is the type of person who wants us (through higher rates and taxes on us from our ISPs) to foot the bill for the music industry's inability to market their product correctly, inability to attribute the downfall of music sales to a slow economy, and stratospheric bungling of the first round with Napster. CDs are dead. Once they come to grips with that and lay out flat rate music subscriptions in un-DRMed formats, distributed through an outlet that has not 90% of consumer good will, then we can open a dialogue about why your business is failing.
When no one bought Crystal Pepsi, Pepsi didn't cry to the government that they needed help defending themselves against water. They stopped making that stuff and came up with something better. It's time that someone locked all of these people in a room and keep them there until they've figured that out.

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